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"Thank you for the job well done at our wedding. Your professionalism and ability to keep things moving made the night enjoyable got all present."

~Julie and Benjamin

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Wedding Day Cerimony

Decorative lighting is an element few couples give thought to when planning their wedding day. Having coordinated decorators, caterers, photographers and entertainment the bride and groom typically feel their work is done - everything is in place for an unforgettable evening.

But what can be done to make this unforgettable evening unique as well? What might be missing? For the past 26 years, Matrix Production Associates has provided that unique touch with decorative lighting designs for events taking place in a variety of settings. Working closely with the bride, groom and decorator, we start from the ground up to create a design reflecting the mood or feel our clients desire. Illuminating table centerpieces (see image left) is a spectacular effect. Soft up-washes of light along walls and ceilings create a pleasing atmosphere as do splashes of colored light on floral and architectural treatments throughout the ballroom or tent. The possibilities are endless.

While our craft is centered in a technical realm, we never forget that the needs of our clientele are focused on the esthetics and emotional appeal of the day. That, simply stated is the philosophy that governs this company. Find the center elements that support the thoughts of our clients and develop a unique, beautiful environment to celebrate the day.

To offer national special event and production agencies on a job by job basis, a fully trained and experienced company where technical experience, initiative, and interpersonal skills will be utilized to ensure a successful completion of any event.