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"Thank you for the job well done at our wedding. Your professionalism and ability to keep things moving made the night enjoyable got all present."

~Julie and Benjamin

Matrix Audio
Center Flower Arrangement

LD Assistant Rendering

| Center Flower Arrangement

LD Assistant Room Simulationt


Efficiency is required to control costs. A picture is worth a thousand words. Matrix maintains a leading position in the use of the best in CAD and Analysis software for our lighting and audio, A/V designs. This supports fully the planning and pre-production phase of any project, and allows our client/management teams to make adjustments and upgrades, as needed, from an existing design.

Matrix Audio utilizes advanced audio software to allow for optimium control. This allows them to customize the experience to however you desire. Below is a brief list of some of the software used by Matrix Audio:

  • JBL Smaart Pro
  • LD Assistant
  • We produce photo-realistic images of your plot. Watch how easy it is to convey your ideas and concepts with photo-realistic views of the event. Imagine the client's response when receiving a photo-realistic rendering of the design. Included are a few renderings provided to us from LD Assistant.
  • CADP2 Modeling Software
  • CADP2 is an Electro-Acoustic modeling program. CADP2 allows us to design and predict the performance of complex sound systems and acoustical environments. Emphasis has been placed on design throughput, component interaction accuracy and presentable results.
  • ShuttleCAD
  • ShuttleCAD 4 for Windows is a fully featured CAD (computer aided design) system designed specifically for professional audio and video contractors, installers and consultants.


Sound Technology

At the heart of a successful corporate presentation is Audio/Visual technology. We live in an age where technology as a whole changes with amazing speed, and the Audio/Visual arena is no exception. With the advent of computers and their software control and presentation protocols, dynamic control of dozens often-related elements can be activated with one preset. LCD, Plasma, DLP, Ethernet, Fiberoptics as presentation and data devices, give us the "real time" capacity to produce stunning programs that run with true precision. However there is one significant area wher2 A/Vequipment and training has a unique exposure; and that is usually when Senior management or visiting dignitaries are at the podium or involved with the presentation. At that moment we need everything to be right! That is where our attention to detail is evident. The fact that we have state of the art equipment is important, however without the experience in operation, and the "big picture" of what needs to be done, the best equipment in the world is of no use.

We at Matrix Production Associates are committed to the complete technical,and emotional satisfaction of these projects.